Cheap Fit SRL

Cheap Fit is an innovative startup that combats sedentariness through an incentive system based on the collection of tokens called “Cheaps.” Each step, calorie burned, or minute above a heart rate threshold assigns a value in Cheaps. Users can use these Cheaps to compete with others and win prizes such as discounts, coupons or money. The long-term goal is to issue a debit card that rewards users based on Cheaps collected, offering increasing cashback on each transaction. The app offers a reward and gamification system that helps users improve habits through small steps, such as walking to work instead of using the car or exercising more frequently. The goal is to motivate users through rewards that are up for grabs. Cheap Fit targets both the consumer (B2C) and corporate (B2B) markets, offering a corporate welfare service that allows companies to incentivize their employees to improve their lifestyles. This brings significant benefits in terms of productivity, sense of community, employee retention, and environmental sustainability.