Hynnova Srl Società Benefit

Hynnova is engaged in the development, production, and marketing of innovative high-tech products and services, mainly in the health, social, welfare, and social care sectors. The main focus is the digitization of these sectors through the development, production, and marketing of IT products and solutions for computers, smartphones, and other portable devices, known as software, web-apps, and apps. These can be delivered as a service through dedicated platforms in Software-as-a-service (SaaS) or Enterprise-as-a-service (EaaS) mode. The company is also involved in creating intelligent devices for data collection (Internet of Things) and data management, digitizing processes, and solving complex problems of optimizing available resources. These products and services are based on advanced data science techniques, advanced mathematical models, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and advanced business intelligence tools. In addition, the company uses advanced analytics for complex analysis, including predictive analytics, and manages large amounts of data to extract information of strategic and operational value to businesses.