Advanced Incubation Program for Startup & Spin-offs

Grow your startup with Almacube

To startups and spin-offs joining our community, Almacube offers access to a 7-month Advanced Incubation Program.
The program is tailored for early-stage startup and aims to support them in solidifying their business, from identifying and validating a sustainable and scalable business model to planning an effective marketing and sales strategy, and preparing for a fundraising process.
In addition to the program, Almacube provides a range of on-demand services that can be requested throughout the year: discover which ones. On-demand services are also accessible to entities not participating in the program because they are already in a more advanced stage.

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The Almacube incubation program includes:



Participate live in 8+ training workshops on topics of major relevance for your startup (market validation, fundraising, business development, and much more).
You will also have access to pre-recorded webinars to delve into specific topics.

One-to-one consulting and mentoring


Receive 25+ hours of coaching, specialized consulting, and one-to-one mentoring during which you can leverage the support of industry professionals and experts to make strategic decisions for your startup.



Expand your B2B network and share best practices through Almacube’s community events, benefiting from numerous networking opportunities that our innovation ecosystem offers.

Demo Day


Participate in the grand final event that marks the conclusion of the program, during which you can pitch your startup in front of investors and companies.

  • The 2024 edition of the Almacube incubation program will start in June and conclude in December 2024.


  • There are no direct funding opportunities for selected startups; however, we do not require equity in return.


  • The program will be held in a hybrid format. Some workshops, as well as networking and matching events, will be conducted in-person in Bologna. The remaining workshops, mentorships, and consultations can be conducted online.


  • Workshops may be conducted in English if foreign startups participate.


  • Active participation is required.


  • The membership fee to participate in the program is €2,100 + VAT.
I contenuti che affronterai durante il programma

The module helps entrepreneurs adopt design thinking and lean startup as reference methodologies in analyzing their business and development plans. Through group workshops and individual activities with mentors, the startup learns to analyze and understand the needs of its customers from a user-centered perspective and assesses the attractiveness of the target market, which is also identified and numerically estimated.

The business model is how the startup creates, delivers, and captures value. In this module, the elements characterizing the startup’s business model are explored, with particular attention to identifying cost structure, pricing positioning, revenue generation, Value Proposition statement, and Key Selling Points. The objective is to work on the startup’s business model, where necessary, to identify the most effective one.

The Product Development module focuses on the development of the product/service in terms of features and attributes, as well as from technical and performance perspectives, including production and logistics planning. Part of this activity is the development of an adequate intellectual property (IP) protection strategy, even within collaborative projects and open innovation with other companies.

To exit the so-called “valley of death,” a startup needs to start selling its product as soon as possible, even in a basic form (MVP). Only in this way can it gather valuable input from its customers and finance further growth without financial exposure. This module supports entrepreneurs in planning a business plan that also integrates marketing and communication activities, as well as delving into practical ways to sell online (through a website, CRM, and possibly an e-commerce platform).

Sometimes, having “revenue money” from sales is not enough, and accessing financing is necessary to develop the business to a higher level. In this module, we discuss how to draft an effective business plan and how to raise funds through both private and public channels. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to develop a solid understanding of the most important financial metrics to analyze for informed business decisions.

This module focuses on analyzing the valuation of the startup and understanding its path to dimensional development. In particular, different methodologies for evaluating the value of a company and opportunities for growth and scalability for startups will be examined. Practical examples and useful tools will be provided to help entrepreneurs develop a solid growth strategy and maximize the value of their startup.

The art of presenting oneself – to investors, clients, and the world – is essential for startups. In this module, we provide information and advice on how to best prepare your pitch to attract the attention of investors and clients. Additionally, practical tips are provided for addressing investors’ questions and objections effectively and managing interaction with them during the presentation. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to practice their pitching skills through exercises and constructive feedback from experts.

Requirements and Admission

We are looking for innovative startups and spin-offs with high development potential and a determined team. There are no constraints on the operating sector or requirements regarding legal/operational headquarters.


The 2024 incubation program has a limited number of spots, but there is a wide range of on-demand services available that can be purchased separately, some of which are free or without fixed costs but with a success fee.

In general terms, the minimum requirements for admission are:


who intend to predominantly and continuously commit to the development of the entrepreneurial project throughout the duration of the program.



(preferably registered in the innovative startup section of the Chamber of Commerce) for no more than 5 years.

Some of the participants from the last edition

Cheap Fit

Innovative startup combating sedentary behavior in the workplace. Through a gamification system in an app, it improves employee productivity and reduces absenteeism.

Listen to their interview  here.

Heaple Srl

The startup has developed a cloud platform that combines cognitive training exercises and personalized therapy to improve cognitive function in people with MCI, dementia, or neurodegenerative diseases.

Listen to their interview here.


RE-SPORT is an innovative startup and university spin-off from the University of Bologna. It focuses on developing innovative technologies for recycling and developing sports equipment and everyday products in plastic and composite materials.

Listen to their interview here.