Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the innovation process developed at Stanford University that has fueled the biggest part of the entrepreneurial culture in Silicon Valley.

Open Innovation for companies

Our Open Innovation programs are based on the involvement of university students, recent graduates, young professionals and researchers who work at the solution of innovation challenges provided by companies of all sectors and sizes.

An innovation ecosystem

These programs are designed and managed within the innovation ecosystem of the University of Bologna, of which Almacube is a Technical Partner. Our faculty is made up of innovation coaches, university professors and researchers who are experts in design thinking and business innovation.

Why innovating with Almacube?
Get in touch with the best talents from the University of Bologna, selected among the students and fresh graduates of the 32 Departments of the University.
Expose your management to the design thinking methodology, generating a new culture of innovation among your employees.
Face complex challenges that include multiple problems, getting a better understanding and generating new ideas to develop innovative new solutions.
Our Open Innovation Program

CBI is a 5-month program during which a team of students with multidisciplinary backgrounds develop and solve an innovation challenge given by the company, getting inspired and interacting with technological and digital ideas from CERN and applying a human-centered approach. .

Assign your innovation challenge to a multidisciplinary and international team, made up of 4 students from the University of Bologna and 4 students from a foreign university part of the SUGAR network. The team work on the challenge for 9 months, applying design thinking under the guidance of our expert coaches. The program includes international mobility in Asia and Silicon Valley and numerous opportunities for meetings between companies and students.

Bring a multidisciplinary team of young professionals into the company and have them working closely with your seniors to solve an internal innovation challenge. The program allows you to prototype and develop a concrete solution at low cost and limited risk in only 13 weeks, enhancing the insights obtained from your consumers and following the Design Thinking process with the help of one of our senior coaches.

Involve your team of internal collaborators in an intensive innovation course, lasting 1-3 months, facilitated and led by our expert design thinking coaches. The program is developed on the basis of the specific needs of the company and includes weekly meetings attended by representatives from different company areas. It can be used both to conduct exploratory analyzes and to prototype and test Proof of Concept.

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