Paola Perini

A “neo-natal” business expert, she specializes in the early life stages of innovative entrepreneurship. Her challenge is to develop regenerative entrepreneurship for a complex and uncertain world. She is a Practictioner, a “person of action” who for three decades has been bringing out and empowering new entrepreneurs and startups that innovate in energy and the environment, making positive impacts on society, thanks also to new digital technologies. Her main vocation is the entrepreneurship of young people and women that she trains, accompanies and in which she invests in Italy, the Middle East, Southern Africa and Central Asia. She has a long experience and training in the field and she loves working in the territories of the “betweenness”, between reality and possibility: in the space of innovation and in particular at the confluence of entrepreneurship, diversity and nature.  She has been teaching “entrepreneurship” as a soft-skill at the University of Bologna for some years. Graduated in Business administration at “L. Bocconi” University, specialised in the Management of innovation processes,   she has a Master degree in Management of Intellectual Property Rights and Executive training in Strategic Philantropy and Social Entrepreneurship, certified training in Transformational digital Leadership Theory U – social technology for awareness-based system change of Presencing Institute.