Open Stage

Open Stage represents a revolution in urban entertainment, offering everyone the opportunity to create unique and engaging live events. By using a dedicated application, citizens can book an Open Stage totem and access a wide range of audio equipment for free, including mixers, audio speakers, power outlets, and IoT sensors. This allows events to be organized in public and private spaces, expanding opportunities for the local community to express their talents and actively participate in the cultural life of the city.
The success of Open Stage is already evident in numerous Italian cities, from the subways of Milan and Rome to the shopping centers of Reggio Emilia, Biella, and Turin, from the lakesides of Lecco, Como, and Iseo to the squares in the suburbs of Bologna. This project is creating a community of artists, both young and emerging, offering them the chance to perform without intermediaries and to connect directly with the audience. Additionally, access to Open Stage opens the door to a range of unique opportunities, including scouting with record labels, music producers, and other industry professionals, as well as the opportunity to participate in festivals and special events.
The core of Open Stage is the democratization of music and the provision of performance opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background or financial resources.